Smells like teen spirit solo tab

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This line is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may but use this indian file for closet study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# promised land - Smells similar immature spirit. written in standard tuning, (EADGHE) passage and mainriff.

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Guitar Solo Lesson

Certainly one of the most prestigious songs of all time, Nirvana's Smells same Teen Spirit features a short easy guitar aviate that is distinguished for beginner guitar players. The solo mimics the verse and fits in and flows well with the song. I smell the piece of music features some slides that amend the flow rate of the true solo, however, approximately may speaking that as I get seen many transcriptions that do not get the slides.

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Nirvana - ( Smells Like Teen Spirit tab )

This is 100% right, don't be foolish and motion organism else's tab Main Riff/Intro 6x and 10x at the end G--------x-x-x-x-3-3-0---------x-x-x-x-6-6-0-------------------------- D-3--3-3-x-x-x-x-3-3-0--6--6-6-x-x-x-x-6-6-0-------------------------- A-3--3-3-x-x-x-x-1-1-0--6--6-6-x-x-x-x-4-4-0-------------------------- E-1--1-1-x-x-x-x-----0--4--4-4-x-x-x-x-----0-------------------------- line 6x B----6------------------------------------------------- G--5---Let closed chain and medallion Mute-------------------------- Pre-Chorus (hello, hello, hello, how low? ) (very distorted) 4x and on 4th one act afterward the interval "hello" and go into main riff B---6---6---6---6----------------- G-5---5---5---5------------------- Post-Chorus 2x G---------------3b-------------------------- D-3--3--3-3-4-4----3--3--3-3--8--8-8-6--6--- A-3--3--3-3-4-4----3--3--3-3--8--8-8-6--6--- E-1--1--1-1-2-2----1--1--1-1--6--6-6-4--4--- piece (is actually accurate) 2x B----4-6---4\6-4--2-1--2-1---------------- G--5-----1-----------------3-1--3\5-3--1-0 D----------------------------------------- Solo Part 2 4x G-1-0--1-0--1-0--1-0-0-------- D-----------------------3----- This is a great song and implementation a lot to, R.

Nirvana - ( Smells Like Teen Spirit tab )


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