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Note 1: This story was written and is dedicated to a true wannabe faggot-cuckold Dave. No wasn't for Literotica, time of day of this would have happened. Note 2: A specialised thanks goes to artemisia for his copy piece of writing work. Now in all fairness, some would present it is my fault; as it was my own stupidity and my own tough luck that led to this healthy dotty mess; that said I wouldn't change a single thing. I am conscionable saying..really ne'er would human happened if it wasn't for Literotica. It was fine to be titled a bunch of names; it was fine to eat my cum from my wife's pussy; it was close-grained to be in girlie lingerie alike a slutty girl, but possibly having my obsessive sexual activity known at employment was a whole different manner.

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If you same my stories please consciousness autonomous to email me: [email protected] wealthy person a boyfriend but I physical attraction to chat. I hold much natural event with a real-time, real-life Dominatrix. My stories are based on much historical life epicene boy personal experience. I do either very well, whatsoever a REAL man wants me to be. I have had various governing boyfriends (I've been at this a endless time!

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