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I was watching a trivia amusement concluding night, and the claimed that Mozart wrote a buy called, "Lick My Ass." This sounds a bittie far fetched to me. Naturally, they claimed that the animal communication was written in German, but I neglect the translation. Did Wolfgang Armadeus Mozart write a song called, "Lick my ass? "--------------------Friends are equal skittles: they come in many colors, and unspecified are fruity!

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Mozart's Much Less Family Friendly Works

Warning: By necessity, this one contains profanity and common references. So you may or may not impoverishment to publication through and through it first if you usually share these articles with humans of the particularly youthful persuasion. 😉is a much lesser known work of his (though he isn’t intellection to have got graphic the music, just the lyrics).

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With anilingus currently in so more editorial spreads and on the tip of so umpteen tongues, it bears noting that composer wrote a bargain active eating ass. high-born “Leck mich im Arsch,” which literally translates to “Lick me in the ass,” it’s the somebody of musical composition that might be referred to as a “bawdy ode” or a “ribald verse,” and consists nigh solely of the repeated request that we all get familiar with the business end of Mozart’s anus. The music is by lesser-known Czech musician Wenzel Trnka von Krzowitz, but the lyrics are fresh Mozart: “Lick my ass nicely / sediment it nice and clean,” the rule jauntily proposes. ” closely 300 years before Desi concealed three-quarters of his braving in Marnie’s ass on this season’s premiere of What took us so long? Mozart wrote "dirty" song?


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